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Kate Leaver’s Good Dog published in ebook format today


Kate Leaver‘s Good Dog  is available to purchase as an ebook in the UK and US today, and in print in Australia from HarperCollins.

Good Dog is about the power of canine friendship – in particular the profoundly healing role that dogs can play in our lives – a celebration of the extraordinary creatures who change – and sometimes even save – our lives.

Covering the science and history of our extraordinary relationship with dogs, and focusing on the role that dogs can play in enriching and improving our mental and emotional health and our lives, Good Dog is a celebration of the most remarkable cross-species friendship on the planet. Good Dog focuses on ten powerful, personal stories of dogs and their owners, from Missy the pug, who has allowed 10-year-old autistic Cody to live his best life to Darcy, who spends precious time in a children’s hospice; from Pip, who helps her teenage owner manage her diabetes, to Jingles, who works in therapy and rehab at a prison.

Celebratory, joyous and moving, this is a book about the profoundly healing, curative qualities of dogs – and how we need dogs in our lives more than ever.

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