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Dr Hannah Fry to present Horizon special on the COVID-19 pandemic


Mathematician Dr Hannah Fry is to present a BBC2 Horizon documentary exploring the current Coronavirus crisis.

In 2018, Hannah led the CONTAGION experiment (BBC4), which investigated the impact of a potential flu pandemic. In the biggest science experiment of its kind, Hannah used data to simulate the spread of an infectious flu outbreak across the UK, adopting the role of patient zero. Hannah’s upcoming Horizon programme will reflect on how data enabled her to predict the COVID-19 pandemic, and how mathematical modelling continues to play a vital role in tracking the future of the virus.

Investigating the facts and figures behind the biggest public health crisis in living memory, the Horizon special will investigate what the numbers we are being bombarded with really mean, and how data modelling can help us to look for an exit strategy.


Dr Hannah Fry is an Associate Professor in the Mathematics of Cities at UCL, and an expert in the mathematics of human behaviour. Watch Horizon: Coronavirus Special  at 9pm on the 9th of April on BBC2.


Photo Credit Paul Wilkinson Photography.

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