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Monoray to publish Nina Schick’s Deep Fakes and the Infocalypse: What You Urgently Need To Know


Monoray (Hachette) has acquired world all language rights from Northbank’s Martin Redfern to the debut book by political commentator Nina Schick.

Nina specialises in how technology and artificial intelligence are reshaping democracy and global geopolitics. In the book, she warns us of the ‘dangerous political consequences’ of the ‘Infocalypse’, an information overload that may affect national security and public trust in politics. The domestic and global consequences of the Infocalypse will be huge; we are on the cusp of being inundated by computer-generated video, audio and images that are so convincing that it will soon be impossible to tell what is real and what is fake.


As Nina explains, “We are completely unprepared for the ‘Infocalypse,’ the coming deluge of AI generated fake media that will overwhelm how we perceive the World, while simultaneously opening up new frontiers of attack against our governments, business and us as individuals. This trend is permanent and accelerating – so we must prepare ourselves now.”

Deep Fakes and the Infocalypse teaches us how to understand the Infocalypse, in order to start building solutions, and will be published in August 2020.

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