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Paul Krajewski: Working at Knickerbockerglory, one of Broadcast’s Best Places to Work in TV


When I heard that Knickerbockerglory Productions, the company I happen to work for, had been featured in Broadcast’s Top Ten Best Places to Work in TV 2020, I can’t say that I – or any of the team – were particularly surprised. And that’s not just because we came top of the list in 2017, and have remained in the top four ever since! It’s just a warm, friendly and enjoyable place to work, and I’d have been shocked if we weren’t acknowledged as an amazing working environment.

Knickerbockerglory is a really great place to work. As a freelancer it’s common to feel a bit disposable in this industry, as is the case with many production companies, but Knickerbockerglory’s ethos is to make you feel valued, rewarded and looked after. This comes directly from the Managing Director and Head of Production and the rest of the senior management team, who do really care about everyone’s well-being and mental health, which you can easily see when you start working at the company. And the fact that senior management really do care about the staff isn’t just shown through pastoral support, but through the core ways in which the company is run. Knickerbockerglory was set up as a profit-sharing company, so earnings are shared between staff – including freelancers – based on length of service, which really makes freelance work feel recognised and valued.

The Production Account is next level amazing and it’s hard to keep up with her. No matter if it’s a freelancer or supplier, they don’t like anyone ever being delayed with invoice payments, which is a testament to how much they value all members of staff.

We also get all manner of perks working at Knickerbockerglory – from Thirsty Thursdays and Treat Wednesdays, to a choir and yoga sessions, even a sailing trip!

Flexi-working is really important to the Knickerbockerglory ethos. There are several parents on the team who work full time but flexible hours, and our accountant even works full-time from Portugal! One thing we are really working on for 2020 is the idea of having a creche, to give working parents even more support and flexibility.

A reflection of the generous spirit of the company is the fact that a portion of Knickerbockglory’s profits also go to charity every year. The charity in question is always chosen by the team, and past recipients have included The Shepherds Bush Families Project who help local homeless families and refugees, Jessie May Children’s Hospice, Friends of Hammersmith Hospital, Focus 12 and Ellenor hospice, Gravesend.

I really can’t think of a better company to work for – Knickerbockerglory just prove that supporting and rewarding your staff really does get the best out of them.



Knickerbockerglory is a multi-award winning independent production company launched in 2011 with the aim of making great shows, sharing profits and giving to charity. Their most recent shows include GPs: Behind Closed Doors; The Great Model Railway Challenge; Gypsy Kids: Our Secret World and Inside The Mind Of Agatha Christie.

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