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Head of Zeus seals two book deal with Victoria Scott


Head of Zeus have signed a two book deal with Northbank author Victoria Scott, with the first title Patience to be published in August 2021.

Editorial director Hannah Smith has acquired UK & Commonwealth rights (excluding Canada) from Hannah Weatherill.

Patience tells the story of a family struggling with the decision to put their severely disabled daughter into a high-risk gene therapy trial. Mum Louise is trying to hold everything together, as usual, but she’s almost at the end of her rope. Husband Pete is working abroad, other daughter Eliza is busy living her life in London, and Patience is always in and out of hospital. Something’s got to give. So when Louise hears about a pioneering gene therapy trial that could transform Patience’s life, and hers, there’s no question that Patience should take part.

But Pete doesn’t agree, and Eliza, who is dealing with her own mess, is stuck in the middle. Despite not being able to talk, Patience has plenty to say about it – and not all of it good. The stakes are high. The prize: a normal life. But what is normal, anyway? Patience has no idea, but she may be about to find out.

Scott said: “I am so delighted that Head of Zeus have given Patience a home. The whole team seem to have taken the book to heart. They’re as excited as I am about sending the book out into the world, and that’s a fabulous feeling for any author. I’m certain that we will have a fruitful, creative partnership, both for this book and those that follow.”


Patience is to be published by Head of Zeus in August 2021.

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