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Dr Hannah Fry to present The Great British Intelligence Test for BBC2’s Horizon


Dr Hannah Fry is to present The Great British Intelligence Test, a special Horizon programme, later this year.

The Great British Intelligence Test is a short quiz being shared up and down the country to assess the nation’s intelligence. Unsurprisingly, those who score well on intelligence tests tend to achieve greater academic and career success, but startlingly, they are also more likely to live longer and age better. However, research is increasingly indicating that intelligence isn’t fixed, but can in fact be influenced by lifestyle and behaviours, with dramatic changes in how we consume information also likely influencing our cognitive functions.

In collaboration with Dr Michael Mosley, Dr Fry will investigate the results of the test, questioning what can be done to maximise and protect brainpower. The results will be presented in a special episode of Horizon in 2020.

Take the test yourself here.


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