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Will Dean: Forest Author


Earlier this year, author Will Dean started a YouTube channel called ‘Will Dean – Forest Author‘. Having initially struggled with the publishing process, Will decided to share his experience and knowledge to help aspiring authors navigate their way through their publishing journey. Each episode offers tricks, tips and insights into the world of publishing.

Here, we’ll be introducing our top five videos from Will’s vast collection, which admittedly is very difficult as they’re all brilliant.

1. How To Write a Query Letter

For this video, Will digs deep into his email history to present the original query letter and email that landed him an agent. He takes viewers through each paragraph of his original letter, which to anyone who hasn’t watched the video yet, is extremely useful.

In the comments he adds, ‘literary agents have very little time so it’s vital you get your query letter, synopsis, and sample pages in great shape before you press send. Your query letter doesn’t have to be perfect – the aim is to capture the agent’s attention so they move on to page one of your manuscript’.


2. How To Get A Literary Agent

Here, Will takes viewers through the five steps he used to find a literary agent. What should be emphasised is the importance Will places on actually having a literary agent, and the benefits they offer in the publishing process. He talks listeners through reading, writing, useful hashtags, submissions guidelines, social media, and not giving up (which is an incredibly important lesson).

3. Literary Agents, The Editing Process & Book Deals (Managing Your Expectations)

In this video, Will chats about ‘finding a literary agent, editing with them, submitting to editors, being published, publicity expectations, and playing the long game’. As he’s experienced, it’s important to create a healthy working relationship with your agent as they’re the first step to your book getting published.

4. Best Book Podcasts

Will takes viewers through his favourite podcasts for book lovers, the first being:

1. Two Crime Writers And A Microphone

For more book podcasts, follow the link above.

5. Publishing: Who Does What? (Editorial, Publicity, Sales, Marketing, Design, Production)

In this last video, Will takes viewers through the separate departments that make a publishing house. If you haven’t got any prior knowledge of a publishing house, then we definitely suggest giving this video a watch.

For more publishing/writing content, check out Will’s YouTube channel here.

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