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Launch of Grace + Nadz


The influencer bubble is about to pop as the Self-Esteem Team founders launch sister brand – Grace + Nadz.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Grace + Nadz. One, the ex-Head of Showbiz at Daily Star Online, the other a musician who’s toured the world, Grace Barrett and Nadia Mendoza met as troubled 20-somethings, loving their careers but in therapy for almost everything else.

They stumbled into their CEOship delivering mental health education to 50,000+ teens to date, now they’re writing their next chapter, a social media safe-haven for girl bosses (and guys are welcome too).

You’ll find authentic lifestyle content, debate, advice, playlists, headlines, events, and most importantly, sisterhood through their podcast F**k! I’m A Boss (available on Spotify), and Instagram account @GraceandNadz.

It’s time to talk mental health for grown-ups – in the workplace, in relationships, in friendships and in adulting.

Grace says: ‘Our 30s are like a second puberty, and it’s just as tough this time round. We’ve spent years helping teens navigate the first one, now we want discuss and share what it looks like to ‘successfully’ blunder through the second!’

Nadz says: ‘All those ‘act like a lady, think like a boss’ mantras don’t empower – they hinder! We want to create a cultural shift to show you can be whoever you want to be and STILL be a boss.’

We look forward to working with Grace + Nadz on a host of exciting new projects.

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