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Camilla Cavendish’s Extra Time is published today


Camilla Cavendish‘s Extra Time is published today by HarperCollins.

Released to outstanding reviews, Extra Time sees Camilla embark on a journey to understand how different countries are responding to the dramatic demographic shift that is reshaping our society.

Travelling across the world in a carefully researched and deeply human investigation, Camilla Cavendish contests many of the taboos around ageing. Interviewing leading scientists about breakthroughs that could soon transform the quality and extent of life, she sparks a debate about how governments, businesses, doctors, the media and each one of us should handle the second half of life. She argues that if we take a more positive approach, we should be able to reap the benefits of a prolonged life. But that will mean changing our attitudes and using technology, community, even anti-ageing pills, to bring about a revolution.

Extra Time is available in all good bookshop and online.

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