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William Collins to publish Black Holes


As the first photo of a black hole makes waves around the world, we are delighted to announce that Professor Brian Cox and Professor Jeff Forshaw‘s Black Holes will be published by William Collins. Myles Archibald, Publishing Director at William Collins, bought world rights from Northbank non-fiction agent Martin Redfern. Publication, simultaneous with HarperCollins US, is set for 2021.

Lying at the centre of every galaxy are the strangest objects in the Universe. Black holes. Of extraordinary density and huge gravitational pull, no matter or even light can escape their grasp. As stars whirl like water in a plug hole around their edge, they release energy in the form of light, before the stars reach the event horizon and disappear forever. As well as being at the centre of galaxies they are also at the centre of current research in theoretical physics and astrophysics.

Black Holes by Professors Cox and Forshaw will be a brilliant exploration of these amazing objects – how they are formed and why they continue to confirm that Einstein’s theory of general relativity is such a brilliant explanation of the Universe around us.

The authors say, ‘Black holes are not only the most exotic objects in the universe, understanding them offers us a unique window into some very profound physics. What is information? How are gravity and quantum theory unified? What is empty space? Like with our other books, we will provide a serious treatment of the science that is genuinely accessible to the public.’

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