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The Inequality Paradox published in the US


The Inequality Paradox: How Capitalism Can Work for Everyone by economist Douglas McWilliams is published today in the United States by The Overlook Press. 

In his illuminating new book, McWilliams argues that inequality is largely driven not by a conspiracy of the rich, but by technology and globalisation that have led to the paradox of rising inequality even as worldwide poverty drops. Drawing on the latest research, he investigates how wealth is concentrated and why it persistently remains in the hands of very few.

The Inequality Paradox poses a comprehensive theory on why capitalism has not met its match in the form of increasingly disparate income distribution and warns of the coming wave of technological development―the fourth industrial revolution―that threatens to create a scarcity of unskilled jobs that will lead to even greater inequality and explains what governments can do to prepare for this. From the inquisitive layperson to the professional economist or policymaker, The Inequality Paradox is essential reading for understanding the global economy in its present state.


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