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#LoveAudio week: audio edition of Strangeways published


It’s #LoveAudio week in the publishing world and here at Northbank, we’re celebrating the publication of the audio edition of Strangeways by former prison guard Neil ‘Sam’ Samworth.

Strangeways is a shocking and at times darkly funny account of life in a high-security prison. A tough Yorkshireman with a soft heart, Sam had to deal with it all during his eleven years at the notorious Manchester penitentiary – gangsters and gangbangers, terrorists and psychopaths, addicts and the mentally ill. Men who should not be locked up and men who should never be let out. His raw, searingly honest memoir is a testament to the men and women of the prison service and the incredibly difficult job we ask them to do.

Sam recorded the introduction to the book himself and it is now available to purchase on Amazon.

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