Rebecca Tinnelly

Rebecca Tinnelly worked in sales and marketing for seven years before leaving work to raise her two children and concentrate on writing.

Rebecca lives in south-west England and posts a weekly blog about writing.

The experience of suffering from PTSD and subsequently depression following the birth of her son was one of the leading inspirations for Never Go There.

Rebecca’s second novel, Don’t Say a Word, will be published in 2019.


Never Go There

Rebecca Tinnelly

Nuala Greene’s life is in tatters. A young widow, she is lost without husband James who was her world. As she sorts through James’s things, she finds letters, unsigned, from someone back home, begging him to come back. All Nuala has ever known is that James left that village in Somerset aged 19, vowing never to return and telling Nuala ‘never go there’.

But Nuala wants to do the right thing and tell James’s mother, in person, that her only child has died. She has to go there, doesn’t she?

What Nuala doesn’t realise is the chain of events she has put in motion – one which will have tragic consequences for three very different women.

The paperback edition of Never Go There will be published in October 2018.

‘A beautifully written, riveting read. Perfectly crafted. Absorbing from start to finish.’

— Amanda Robson