Dr Sheila Kanani

Dr Sheila Kanani is a planetary physicist, science presenter, secondary school physics teacher and space comedian, with a background in astrophysics and astronomy research from UK universities. Her experience includes acting as an ambassador of science, public speaking, events organisation, science journalism and school visits.

‘I saw Tom Hanks in Apollo 13 and decided I wanted to be an astronaut or a military pilot. I went to the library to find out how to find a book about it and years later ended up with a PhD in astrophysics.’

Sheila is currently the Education, Outreach and Diversity officer for the Royal Astronomical Society in London. In January 2018, she hosted BBC One’s Wonders of the Moon.

Sheila is currently writing her first middle-grade book.


Space on Earth

Dr Sheila Kanani

Have you ever looked up into the sky and wondered about space, astronomy and the universe? Perhaps you have. But you’ve probably never looked around you – at the water you drink, the sunglasses you wear or the selfies people take – and thought about space. The truth is, there is more of space on earth than you realise…

Full of amazing facts about everyday innovations inspired by space travel and sections on the people who brought them to us, Space on Earth is an entertaining and fascinating look at space and the untold relationship with the planet we live on, helping children not only to feel the awe and wonder of the universe, but also to understand the reasons why space is relevant to us here on Earth.

The Extraordinary Life of Michelle Obama

Dr Sheila Kanani

The story of a woman who became an inspiration. 

Michelle Obama was born in Chicago and was fighting for equality long before she became the First Lady of the United States of America.

She inspired people everywhere as a campaigner for diversity and then as a bold voice in the White House and she continues to use her influence to change the world.

This is her extraordinary life.