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Dana Denis-Smith awarded honorary doctorate


Dana Denis-Smith has been awarded an honorary Doctorate in Law from the University of Worcester. Dana founded First 100 Years,  a campaign that seeks to chart the journey of women in law since 1919.

Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University of Worcester, Professor Sarah Greer, said: ‘Dana’s project has inspired all of us, and we feel privileged to have done such important work in discovering the stories of the remarkable women, and the men who helped them, in their struggle for recognition and equality.’

Born in Transylvania, Dana began her professional life as a journalist at 18 and went on to read history and political economy at the London School of Economics as a mature student. She embarked on a legal career in 2005 and is the founder of Obelisk Support, a business that focuses on women in law and on reactivating talent that has been lost to the legal profession because of starting families. You can learn more about her inspiring personal story and the founding of First 100 Years in this video interview.

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